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Catie Blencowe


          I am a freelance lighting designer, who has MFA in lighting design from the University of Arkansas and a Sam Houston State University Alumni. Over the past years I have been able to work in a variety of places and with a variety people from Dallas/ Fort Worth to Houston and Oklahoma to Michigan.

          I believe in the challenge of creating a beautiful piece of art in a timely manner. Whether I am designing, assisting, or even programing there is always something new to challenge my talents and abilities. I believe that theatre is an escape from reality for all parties involved. Theatre is a safe space for the oppressed to stay what they feel. I believe that everyone who enters a theatre opens their mind to the impossible and the idea of feeling something new. Lighting design hold the power to strengthen or weaken a piece of art. I strongly believe that lighting angles hold more power than color in portraying a feeling. 

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